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inetnum: -
netname:        SIITT
descr:          Informika
descr:          State Institute of Information Technologies and Telecommunications
descr:          Moscow, Russia
country:        RU
admin-c:        SEL8-RIPE
tech-c:         SEL8-RIPE
status:         ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:         INFR-MNT
mnt-domains:    INFR-MNT
mnt-domains:    ROSNIIROS-MNT
created:        2018-08-02T13:31:31Z
last-modified:  2018-08-02T13:31:31Z
source:         RIPE # Filtered

person:         Sergey E Levov
address:        33, Shabolovka str, Moscow, Russia, 113162
remarks:        phone: +7 095 954 5578
phone:          +7 495 954 5578
remarks:        fax-no: +7 095 954 5578
fax-no:         +7 495 954 5578
nic-hdl:        SEL8-RIPE
created:        2001-10-04T07:51:57Z
last-modified:  2016-04-05T14:56:42Z
source:         RIPE # Filtered
mnt-by:         RIPE-NCC-LOCKED-MNT
remarks:        modified for Russian phone area changes

% Information related to ''

descr:          RUNNet
descr:          Russian Federal University Network
origin:         AS3267
mnt-by:         INFR-MNT
mnt-routes:     INFR-MNT
created:        2018-08-01T16:01:35Z
last-modified:  2018-08-01T16:01:35Z
source:         RIPE # Filtered

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